Basic Commands

Basic Commands



In order to join discord, you need to run the command /discord in game, this will give you the invite link in your chat window.


These commands are affecting by your rank. For example a normal member gets only 1 home. See Ranks for more info!

/sethome [name] Sets your home at a current location. Failure to specify a name will set the home under the name home.

/home <name> Teleports your to the specified home. Failure to specify a home name will default to home.

/delhome <name> Deletes the specific home. Failure to specify a name will result in command failure.

/homes Lists all set homes. Clicking on a home will teleport you to that home. Any home marked in a red colour is unable to be teleported to, due to it being in an unsafe condition.


/tpa <name> Sends a request to teleport to the specified player. The player may respond to the request or ignore it.

/tpyes Accepts the most recent teleport request you’ve received. You are also able to press Accept in the message to accept the teleport request.

/tpno Denies the most recent teleport request you’ve received. You are also able to press Deny in the message to deny the teleport request.

/tpahere <name> Sends a request to the specified player to teleport to your location. Requires the rank of Shade or higher.

/tptoggle Toggles players being able to send you teleport requests. By default, all requests are enabled.

/rtp Teleports you to a random location in the same dimension after a short delay. Locations may include deep in a cave or in the middle of the ocean. Costs 100 in-game dollars to reduce spam.

/spawn Will teleport you to the servers spawn point.


/msg <name> <message> Sends your message privately to the specified user.

/r <message> Replies with your message to the last person who messaged you.

/gignore add <name> Ignores specified player’s chat globally. We recommend doing this command in the lobbies as the specified user needs to have joined your server previously.

/gignore remove <name> Stop ignoring chat from the player. We recommend running this in the lobbies.

/gignore list Lists every player you have currently got ignored. We recommend running this in the lobbies.

/channel <local|global> Global will send all your messages to the entire network, This is default. Local will send your messages to only your server. Users in other servers will not be able to see your chat, yet you will see theirs. Discord is not effected by these commands.

Island/Cave Area

Any server that is a Skyblock style or uses a predefined starting area will use this plugin to create your area. Along with the commands mentioned above, there are a few more commands for your island/cave.
Servers that fit into this category are servers like: Stoneblock, SkyFactory, Glacial Awakening.

/area create Creates an area and automatically sets the area spawn point. This command wipes your inventory.

/area spawn [name] [-f] Teleports you to the specified user’s island. Leaving the name blank will teleport you to your area. If you accompany the command with the -f flag it will force you to your area’s spawn point even if the server deems it unsafe!

/area setspawn <-o> Changes the area spawn point location to where you are currently standing. Make sure its not on slabs, as the plugin will see them as unsafe!

/area reset Wipes your area and starts your progress over fresh. This command wipes your inventory.

/area info Provides information regarding the area you are currently in.

/area list Provides a list of all the areas on the server.

/area lock Locks down your area preventing any uninvited members from entering.

/area unlock Unlocks your area, allowing all members of the server access to enter.

/area expand Expands your area’s claim. Default size is 256x256, max size is 400x400.

/area setbiome <biome> Changes your area’s biome.

/area invite <name> Invites the player to build and play with you. They must set their own home in your area or use the /area spawn [name] command. This does not remove a previous area which the user has created.

/area leave Removes your access to the area you are standing in, if you’ve been previously invited.

/area kick <name> Revoke all permissions of the player in your area.

Grief Prevention

All these commands will work for subdivided claims as well

/claimsinfo Checks information of the claim such as trusted players or who owns the claim.

/claimslist Displays a list of all your claims.

/permissiontrust <name> Allows the user to trust others and run claim commands in the claim your are currently standing in.

/trust <name> Allows the user to build in the claim you are currently standing in, access chests and other inventories.

/containertrust <name> Allows the user to access chests, farm crops, tame/kill animals, the use of a bed, and the use of levers/buttons/pressure plates in the claim you are currently standing in.

/accesstrust <name> Allows the user to access your bed and inventories like an anvil for the claim you’re standing in.

/untrust <name> Revokes all permissions for the user for the claim you’re currently standing in.

/untrustall <name> Revokes all permissions for the user in all your claims.

/trustlist Displays a list of claims that you are trusted in.

/abandonclaim Removes the claim you are currently standing in.

/abandonallclaims Removes all your claims.

Miscellaneous Commands

These are the commands that don’t really fit into any section.

/banneditems This command will list all the items that have been banned from being used/placed/crafted/broken in-game because of certain reasons. To navigate through its pages follow the command below unless your on vanilla in which case the command is /banneditems [-p number]

/page <next | prev | number> This command is used by a few plugins that send messages with multiple pages. For example if you run /banneditems it will most likely return you a message that at the bottom say 1/9, this means it has 9 pages, and you can rotate through those page using this command! Note: On servers like vanilla this command does not exist!