What Java To Use

With the release of Minecraft 1.18 we now have 3 different versions of Java that we need to have installed if we want to access all that Minecraft currently has to offer.


We recommend reading the entire post as you might get an incorrect download otherwise.

In short, you need the following versions of Java for the related versions of Minecraft. Please note that downloading from the Oracle Archive you’ll need to sign up for an Oracle Account.

Minecraft VersionJava VersionDownload Link
1.18 and upJava 17Oracle Java 17
1.17Java 16Oracle Java 16
1.16 and belowJava 8u211Oracle Archive

Java Development Kit vs Runtime Environment

When possible you should try downloading the runtime environment as it’s typically lighter. However, if there’s only Development Kit builds available this is perfectly fine to download and use as they include the JRE (Java Runtime environment) as well.

Which Version Do I Download


By far most of our users are Windows-based users and this means they are using Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 (or various versions in between). Most of these users should be running on a 64bit system and with the growing needs RAM wise of Minecraft we recommend the Windows x64 installer.


Mac (macOS) users can download the macOS Installer and be good to go.


Should you be using Linux you’re best off installing packages for your Distro directly, which is beyond the scope of this guide.

Minecraft is loading the wrong Java

This is typical, and you will need to set your current Java per each instance of Minecraft that users anything beyond your default Java version. Typically, the default version is the first or last version installed depending on your setup. Please check out our Launcher Guides for help on how to edit your instance. We highly recommend you duplicate or create a backup first.