Offensive Skins

Offensive Skins

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve been hit with a ban that says “Your skin is offensive, please change it”. You forgot to change your Hitler skin when you were trolling, don’t worry! Even though you’ve quickly changed it, you still lost valuable playing time.

Don’t want that to happen to you? Just do one quick thing: Check your skin! If you haven’t changed it in a while, it might be good to take a quick look in game by using F5 or a site like NameMC.

If you’ve been banned, don’t worry! Just create a ban appeal in the proper section of Discord and give us your username. Once staff verifies that your skin is no longer against our rules, you’ll be unbanned!

What qualifies as bad

  1. Anything relating to Nazi’s or Communists
  2. Nudity - visible genitals of any kind