The Voting System

Our voting system is relatively simple and easy to understand.

  • We have 2 voting website we are listed on. Each of which you can use to vote on, once per day.
  • You vote by filling in your Minecraft username in the text window and completing the Captcha.
  • Voting gives you 100 Tokens per voting website, which can be used for in-game items or transactions with other users.

Why should you vote?

  • Voting increases our rank and reputation on those websites, which means there is a higher chance for new players to get interested in ShadowNode.
  • The tokens you get from voting are a global form of currency which you can trade in for claimblocks, chunkloaders and other goodies on the servers you play on.
  • We have a monthly giveaway of Steam Game Keys for permanent copies of certain games for the Top 3 Voters! Claim your key by making a support ticket in our Discord!
  • Every vote supports us and is just as valuable to us as you supporting us via our store!

Rewards redeemed from the token shop are usually not globally shared. Your token balance is globally shared between all servers however.

Where can I redeem my rewards?

  • After voting you get a shoutout in-game confirming that your vote went through. This shoutout does not always show up client side, but other players see it.
  • The rewards for your tokens can be claimed in the /tokenshop on your server.
  • If you are one of the Top 3 Voters of the month message a staff member to get your Steam Game Key in the first week of the new month. The Voters can choose the game they want with Number 1 having the choice between all 3 titles and Number 2 being allowed to choose from the remaining games.

You can check the amount of tokens you have by using /tokenbal on any server.