Banned Items

We have banned certain items on our servers because of issues in the past that now require us to disable them. If you encounter a bug, or any issue with the items, please report it in our Discord Support channel. Our plugin allows us to ban the items in a way that allows you to still progress through the pack. Craft, Place, Use, and Near are all the different ways items can be banned.


This list is the globally banned list. The list here might not be the same as what’s banned on a specific ShadowNode server. To view all item bans on your server, please use /banneditems

Generally Banned on all Mod Packs

ItemReasonType of Ban
AE2 SpatialCauses LagCraft
Actually Additions FarmerDupingCraft
Actually Additions Filling WandBypass Claims
Actually Additions Player InterfaceDupingCraft
Astral Sorcery Blockwell + Extra Utilities UserServer CrashNear
Biblocraft Fancy WorkbenchDupingCraft
Chunk LoadersUse our Custom ChunkloadersCraft
Clearing QuarryCauses LagCraft
Draconic Evolution Celestial ManipulatorChanges Time and WeatherCraft
Draconic Evolution Creative ExchangerCreative Only ItemCraft
Draconic Evolution Creative RF SourceCreative Only ItemCraft
EnderIO ConduitsCauses LagPlace (if no alternatives for pipes)
EnderIO TelePadDupingCraft
EnderIO Weather ObeliskCauses LagCraft
ExtraUtils 2 IndexerCauses LagCraft
ExtraUtils 2 Player ChestDupingCraft
ExtraUtils Redstone ClockCauses LagCraft
Flux Plug + Draconic Energy PylonServer CrashNear
Flux Point + Draconic Energy PylonServer CrashNear
IC2 Mining LaserGriefingUse
IC2 NukeWorld ScaringCraft
Industrial Foregoing HydratorCrashUse
Piston + RFTools TimerDupeNear
PortalGunsBypass Player ClaimsCraft
Quantum QuarryCauses LagCraft
RFTools Clearing CardsCauses LagCraft
RFTools Crafter Tier 1/2/3Causes LagCraft
RFTools DimensionsCauses LagCraft
RFTools Quarry CardsCauses LagCraft
RFTools Storage ScannerBypass Claims
Refined Storage Auto-CraftingCauses Insane LagCraft
Refined Storage ControllerCauses Lag - Use AE2Craft
Refined Storage CrafterCauses Lag - Use AE2Craft
Refined Storage External StorageCauses Lag - Use AE2Craft
Refined Storage Quartz Enriched IronCauses Lag - Use AE2Craft
Sticky Piston + RFTools TimerDupeNear
Tinkers Construct ThrowballBypass Claims
TranslocatorsMajor LagCraft
Watch of Flowing TimeCauses Insane LagCraft